Common questions, inquiries, and what-abouts

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Where are these parangs made?

These parangs are made in Malaysia by an agricultural and culinary tool manufacturer. Their products are used in kitchens and on farms & plantations across Southeast Asia.

Expect your parang to come with a varnish of sorts that protects it from rusting when traveling overseas.

All blades have a factory edge, so you can expect it to need a bit of sharpening when it arrives. This can be done with a bastard or mill file, any sharpening puck or stone, diamond rod, or any other means of sharpening. We've found any Silicon Carbide stone + a diamond rod to be a quick and effective way to get a great edge.

Where are you located?

We’re in, and our packages will ship from, Dallas, TX.

We don’t dropship; you will receive a blade that we select, box, and package here in Dallas. You might even get some decent grocery store coupons to major grocery chains as your packing material if you’re lucky.  =)

How long will shipping take?

We process orders every evening around 18:00 to Midnight CST, and they head out the next postal day. If we receive orders and expect delayed processing on our end, you’ll receive an email.

You can typically expect your package within 3-5 business days.

Do you have an affiliate or influencer program?

We do! we have a simple affiliate program that pays a fixed percentage on sales. For more information, check it out here.

What is your response time?

Bodark Tool & Gear is currently based in a spare bedroom, garage, and the desk at home. During the day communication can be hit or miss due to full-time work, but we check and respond to everything in the evenings, typically between 17:00 – 23:00 CST.

Sometimes life gets in the way. When that happens we’ll have a big red banner across the top of the site, and an auto-reply via email to let you know. The priorty is to comunicate clearly, manage expectations, and avoid (bad) surprises.

The best ways to contact us are through email at info@bodarktool.com or Etsy messages

Do you have bulk pricing?

Buying for a landscaping crew, foresting group or just a handful of friends? Send us an email at info@bodarktool.com. We offer discounts for larger orders.

Small shops interested in bulk orders for retail, trade shows, or events/festivals: let us know how many, by when, and what other questions/needs you have and we’ll do everything possible to make it work.

If you’d like us to show up/attend/sell at a gathering or group outing somewhere, just shout! We go to a few already and even have some cool(ish) signs!

Do you have a store/retail location in DFW Texas?

We do not, but if you’re local and would like to purchase & pickup, please email info@bodarktool.com prior to placing your order and we’ll figure something out.