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Bodark Parangs

Box o' Blades (Season 2)

Box o' Blades (Season 2)

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Looking for a complete set of versatile blades for the outdoors? Look no further than our bundled package of the Hunters Golok, Bushcraft Parang, and Brush Parang XL! Our "season 2" Big Box of Blades.

Whether you're a hunter, camper, hiker, bushcrafter, or landscaper, these blades have got you covered. The Hunters Golok is perfect for slicing through game and small branches, while the Bushcraft Parang excels at chopping and splitting wood. The Brush Parang XL is ideal for clearing large swaths of brush, weeds, and vines. With these three blades in your collection, you'll be ready for anything the great outdoors can throw at you. Don't settle for a single tool when you can have the versatility of three!

All of our parangs are made in Malaysia, the birthplace of the parang. Made of SUP9a, a carbon steel similar to North American 5160, the tools make excellent workhorses capable of tough work and hard use. The blade sharpens back up effortlessly, making field repair and touch-ups a breeze with a file or puck. The HDPE handles are tough, durable, high density plastic making them water proof and smooth in the hand, while the bottom swell provides purchase enough to prevent slipping during hard use.

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